-Pharma, Biopharma, Medical, New Technologies-

We have consolidated sales networks throughout the whole country, and are actively seeking partnership opportunities with international companies specialized in pharma, biopharma, medical devices or related new technologies, in the form of licensing, distribution, agency or M&A agreements.

In the event that we are approached with a request which lies outside the specialization of current partners, our network has the ability to identify new contacts, and conduct the due diligence required to ensure that they will be appropriate and trustworthy collaborators.

The prospective international partners can be active in any field of bioscience – including human medical, veterinary, agricultural etc – as well as 3D printing, including new filament manufacturing, PCB production, injection moulding and OEM of 3D printers, since our panel of expert consultants covers the whole range of these activities. Recent searches have involved the areas of vaccines, cosmetics, traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, recombinant proteins, and 3D printing. In addition to collaborations involving import/export of finished product, transfer of the technologies underlying the manufacture of such products is also within the scope of such partnering activities. It is advantageous if the international companies already have products being marketed in EU/USA.

NPZ offers a wide range of services to industrial companies which includes:

  • Development of opportunities for cooperation and investment for our business partners, and identification of the appropriate strategies for these activities
  • Establishment of a tailored business development portfolio of opportunities in healthcare and 3D printing.
  • Project definition and deal structuring
  • Joint Venture strategy and partner selection
  • Project execution and delivery
  • General and exclusive representation of Client’s interests in the Far-East
  • Monitoring and execution of technology transfer